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About Us

18 Vine Inn

18 Vine Inn is a charming and elegant vacation rental located in the heart of Hammondsport, NY. Our property offers a unique and luxurious experience for guests seeking a peaceful retreat. With beautifully appointed accommodations and exceptional amenities, we provide a perfect setting for you to relax and unwind during your vacation. Whether you're looking for a romantic getaway or a family escape, 18 Vine Inn is the ideal destination for your next vacation.

18 Vine Inn » History

The History of 18 Vine Inn and Carriage House starts in 1860 with Jules  Mason building the Estate home and the Carriage House.  He and his wife Catherine  lived there with their eight children.  The Estate stayed in the Mason Family for over 100 years, changing little during that time.

Jules Mason was the first Champagne producer in the U.S. for the Pleasant Valley Wine Company (the No. 1 bonded wine company in the U.S.) He is credited with producing Great Western Champagne and many other fine wines.  
Mason and his crews also built a “natural cooling/refrigeration” similar to the winery caverns in Europe.   Dug out the shale in the hillside on Rt. 88 by hand, the site is the only one in existence in NY State. It is a National Historic Site and Landmark, and is still being used and functioning today.

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